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The warm accessories to take always with you during winter and skiing!
handwarmers Sovendi agains cold during skiing footwarmers Sovendi agains cold during skiing handwarmers fuel sovendi fishing
Handwarmers Footwarmers Fuel coal Handwarmers
Produced for outdoor sports, ski, fishing, hunting, the heat lasts 7 hours, not toxic. every pack contains a pair of handwarmers, one for each hand or foot For alpinism activity, trekking, fishing. The footwarmers last more than 6h. Inside the boots keep a temperature of 35°C and last more than 6 hours. It's packed with pairs, one for each foot. It's designed for every activity in a cold environment. It's produced with a metal box coupled with a soft tissue. It contains a small coal solid fuel.
Way of using: Handwarmers and footwarmers
how to use handwarmers how to use handwarmers how to use footwarmers
(1) open the package; (2) expose the handwarmer to air; (3) wait 2-3 min; (4) 6-8 h of warm!!! (1) open the package; (2) expose the footwarmers to air; (3) wait 2-3 min;
(4) take out the adesive and put it in the shoes!!!
temperature profile of handwarmer Fahrenheit
Temperature profile measured using a thermocouple, keeping the handwarmers in a cloth pocket.

Handwarmers and footwarmers

Activated when exposed to the air.
last from 6h to 24h.
For skiing, alpinism, trekking, fishing, hunting, football whatching, sport event whaching.
How to use

Handwarmers are produced under vacuum. The raw materials is based on natural products (iron powder, cellulose, vermiculite, water) that is activated after exposure with the oxygen of the air. The heat is realeased thanks to a exotermic chemical reaction. The package is produced using a special tissue that is designed for allowing the diffusion of the air, in order to regulate the maximum temperature and the time.

The handwarmers is very light and contain only substances not dangerous for the environment. Handwarmers lasts more than 6 hours.


Handwarmers are packaged in pair, and packages of 10 or 40 pair are available.
The product is particularly designed for whom like winter sports, but also for whom suffer from cold, or must work outside during winter time.

The prodution technology allow us to offer a very long expiring date! We export from Italy all over the Europe and Russia.
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